TyC policy

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations and refund requests must be received in writing by [email protected]
The following fees apply, in addition to any supplier charges for cancellation:
5 days prior to service: 25% penalty / 3 days prior to service: 50% penalty / 3 days prior to service: 100%.
Any changes or cancellations made after departure will be at your own expense.
Shuttle Service from the airport may have a waiting time of 15 minutes.
Shuttle Service to SJO Airport, Alajuela will wait a maximum 5 minutes per pick up location
and Private Transfers will wait max. 30 minutes.

GOJACOSHUTTLE.COM reserves the right to change rates, itineraries or schedules at all times and to organize transportation, accommodation or alternative services; or to cancel reservations. GOJACOSHUTTLE.COM will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage of activities under the control of other agents or service providers, including, but not limited to, claims for death, personal injury, delays or additional expenses that may arise when using An organized service through us.

In addition, through my signature notarized here below, I acknowledge that I have read in full and agree to comply with all GOJACOSHUTTLE.COM cancellation, exchange and refund travel policies, as clearly stated in the Included Terms and Conditions, and I agree to pay the Authorized amount here, even if you have not signed an original authorization form or proof of charge.
This is for the protection of Guana Jaco Town S.A. In case of a NO-SHOW on the day of the service or if you had canceled the service less than 5 days before departure, as well as for the convenience of the customers if you must choose to use the same credit card as the final payment method

In GOJACOSHUTTLE.COM, observation dogs accompanied by their owner are welcome; This service animal is the responsibility of its owner and must be under the control of its owner at all times (i.e. leash, harness or carrier). The service animal must travel in the minivan within the customer’s space. Service animals cannot travel in the hallway or occupy a seat. GOJACOSHUTTLE.COM reserves the right to refuse passage to any animal that poses a direct threat to the health and safety of other customers, GOJACOSHUTTLE.COM personnel or contractors.

GOJACOSHUTTLE minibus or sedan travel representatives will provide customers on board an affected minivan/sedan with timely and frequent updates on known delays. Your representative will endeavor to provide the best available information on the duration of the delays and, to the extent that it is available, the early departure time of the service.

We are not responsible for any special, incidental or consequential damages if we do not fulfill this commitment.

SHUTTLEJACO.COM assumes no responsibility if the delay was caused by force majeure events, and we do not take it to its final destination at the expected time of arrival.

GOJACOSHUTTLE is not responsible for changes in ferry service schedules or accidents and / or lost luggage during the trip on the ferry.

GOJACOSHUTTLE may change or cancel any service without reimbursement for reasons beyond its control, such as: strikes, repair of roads or bridges, weather conditions, local guerrillas or guerrillas, public demonstrations, natural disasters or acts of terrorism.
A fuel surcharge may apply.