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What to do in Liberia Costa Rica?

Economy car rental liberia costa rica in Liberia is a small city in the north of Costa Rica, but it is also one of the main development poles of the region. Here we are going to show you what you can do in Liberia:

Ponderosa Adventure Park

Formerly known as Africam Safari Park, it is located in “El Salto”, which is south of the city of Liberia, and is recognized for being the first park that has a giraffe born in captivity.

With more than 70 hectares, you will be able to see exotic animals, besides you will have the opportunity to do: swimming, zip-lining, kayaking, and a tour of the waterfalls. Economy car rental liberia costa rica
with us.

Llano de Cortés Waterfalls

These waterfalls are located about 3 kilometers from the city of Liberia on the road to Bagaces. It is one of the most impressive natural spectacles that you can see, its waters are born in the potrero river that descends from the mountain.

Here you will find a large number of species, including insects, butterflies, and tropical birds, plus you will enjoy clear waters and a humid climate.

Rincón de la Vieja Volcano

Less than 30 kilometers away, you will find this enormous volcano that has a good variety of flora and fauna. Here you can go trekking, horseback riding, or swimming in one of the 30 rivers that exist in the area and you will also have access to hot springs.

Mario Cañas Ruiz Park

This park is known for the impressive wooden kiosk in the center of the park, designed in the 19th century, it is a romantic area that is highly recommended for couples who want to spend some time watching the light show.

You can also attend Zumba classes or enjoy an ice cream while you pass the time.

Santa Rosa National Park

In Liberia, this is one of the most visited places during the high seasons due to the enormous beauty of the landscape. Santa Rosa National Park is home to a good part of the dry forest of Central America, the fauna and flora that grows here can be seen at every inch.

There is also a nesting area for sea turtles and even the battle of Santa Rosa is commemorated here.

Guanacaste Beaches

To get to these beaches it is necessary to take transportation or rent a car to reach the waterfalls or the nearest beaches, only in this way you can enjoy the waves on the beaches, Los Cocos, Playa Grande, and Tamarindo or if you are looking for a little more tranquility the white sand beaches of Hermosa, Ocotal, and Panama will be at your disposal.

Costa Rican Gastronomy

We highly recommend you try the local gastronomy, the most popular dishes in the area include things like chicken and corn, chorreadas, papaya picadillo, and corn atol, for this we recommend you visit any restaurant in the area.

Guanacaste Museum

This museum was declared a historical architectural heritage due to its facilities; it is one of the most attractive places to learn about the history of Costa Rica, in addition to providing a space for artistic performances. It is also the site of the museum’s famous “tertulias”, where academic events such as conferences, lectures, and cultural events are held.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

This cathedral is close to Mario Cañas de Los Ruiz Park. The architecture of the place is impressive because of the white color that covers it, in addition to the geometric designs that generate depth to stand out in the urban landscape.

Inside this cathedral, you will find impressive statues and huge stained-glass windows that are worth a visit during your stay in Costa Rica.

Liberia on Tour

Now that you have seen the museum of Guanacaste, I recommend you take guided tours throughout the region of Liberia, which includes various parts of the province of Guanacaste. This can be contracted through cultural promoters or the public to make your reservations.

Tope de Toros Parade

If you plan to travel to Costa Rica between February and March, you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy the Liberian tradition of riding tame bulls and horses to the rhythm of the music.

This interesting tour starts at the Royal Bridge, passing by the old governor’s office and ending at the fairgrounds.

Guanacaste Annexation Celebration

If you visit Liberia during July, you will have the opportunity to celebrate July 25th, the key historical date of the annexation of Guanacaste to Liberia. Here the annexation of the Nicoya Party to the Free State of Costa Rica will be celebrated.

It is a celebration that many tourists enjoy because in this patriotic celebration parade, floats, war bands, carts, marimbas, and other groups throughout the 25th of July Avenue.

Walk down Calle Real

Libera is also known as the White City of Guanacaste because the colonial houses that were built here are made of wattle and daub that abounds around the area.

The structures have beautiful mosaics that were placed on almost all its sidewalks, giving it a beautiful image that you will not forget. The Real Street will offer you a walk through history, besides it is considered a cultural and historical heritage of the province.

You can also visit the colonial church of Liberia and its museum of religious art, the main market, the Centro Plaza Liberia, the Café Liberia, the Ermita de la Agonía, and the old Zuñiga Cazar house.

Liberia Plaza Center

This center is an area of commercial complexes and is also the most relevant in the province of Guanacaste, here you can visit the first cinema of Guanacaste and also have access to the universal department store.

Hidden Garden Art Gallery

About 5 kilometers from the city of Liberia and the Liberia International Airport itself, you will find one of the most important galleries in the country. With 15 exhibition halls of plastic works from different periods and more than 50 artists from around the world.

Why rent a car in Liberia?

As you may have noticed, Liberia has an enormous amount of places to visit, however, your comfort could be one of the reasons why you decide to rent a car, besides the fact that you will not depend 100% on the time of a tour to do the activities you want to do.

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