Car Rental Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Car rental jaco beach costa rica, playa Jaco is one of the beaches located in the province of Puntarenas, about an hour away from the capital city of San Jose. It is the closest beach to the capital, so here you will find a huge amount.

Car rental jaco beach costa rica here you will find a huge variety of places to eat, stay, cool bars and clubs, plus, if you are one of the people who enjoy surfing, this beach is known for having some of the biggest waves in Costa Rica.

What to do in Jaco Beach?

As you may have noticed, Jaco is one of the most impressive beaches in Costa Rica, besides being very popular for being a great tourist destination where you can perform hundreds of water activities or sports in this area.

The city of Jaco is first class and is usually one of the most popular destinations for family vacations, as I had already mentioned, besides being a place for surfing, there are some beaches with fairly calm waters for swimming.

Here is a small guide of what you can do on these beaches to enjoy every moment you spend:

Surf in Playa Hermosa

If you are addicted to the sport of surfing, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss for anything in the world. This is one of the beaches in Puntarenas that has the blue flag award for its cleanliness.

But what makes this beach known is the surf that is lived on this side of Jaco, as its waves are a tourist attraction for all surfers in the world and this is why it is recognized in the world. Car rental jaco beach costa rica

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Playa Hermosa is a place full of tourists and locals looking to test the waters of the area from May to November and its waves up to 4 meters high make it the perfect place for the quicksilver tournament to be held every year.

Dive and Snorkel

Now that you’ve seen Jaco’s beautiful waters and clean sands, you may be wondering what’s underwater. The best of Costa Rica’s waters is not always in sight or on the beach, but deep underwater.

Diving in Jaco will allow you to see the marine ecosystem that these waters hide. Jaco is one of the places where many marine animals live, you will be able to dive from 3 meters to 45 feet deep.

You will be able to see species such as sea turtles, giant rays, and tropical fish of beautiful colors, as well as hundreds of starfish.

If you are a person who wants to dive, we recommend the seasons from December to May, as this is the time when the most giant manta rays are sighted, plus you can see white-tip sharks all over the reef.

Rainforest waterfalls

As you already know, Costa Rica is one of the places with the most popular rainforests in the world, plus they are protected by various institutions.

Here we recommend that you book an adventure tour through the jungle and the waterfalls themselves that go through the mountains of Jaco. These tours start with an ATV ride through the jungle, then you will walk along the rivers that end at the lush waterfalls that end in natural pools.

The 6-meter-high waterfalls are the perfect spot to dive into the natural pools that will refresh you after a hike.

You can also visit the Bijagual waterfall, as it is a tourist destination located about 20 minutes from the town of Jaco. This waterfall is 600 feet high and you can reach it by walking about 2 kilometers.

The wildlife you will find here is unparalleled. During your tour of the jungle, you will find animals such as frogs, scarlet macaws, monkeys, toucans, and many insects (so bring insect repellent).

The community of Bijagual is located in the Carara National Park so you could also visit the park as a place to see more during your visit to Costa Rica.

Carara National Park

If you are in the city of San Jose or if you are in the city of Jaco, the Carara National Park is one of the attractions that cannot be forgotten for your vacation in Costa Rica.

The name of the place is due to where it is located, this park borders the Tarcoles River, where you can find the famous American crocodiles, besides this, the park has two impressive ecosystems: the Amazon jungle and the Mesoamerican jungle.

Here the fauna is so rich in biodiversity that you will find monkeys, jaguars, toucans, macaws, and even snakes, in addition to the aforementioned crocodiles.

Manuel Antonio National Park

In Costa Rica there are many national parks, so we highly recommend you visit one of them, in this case, Manuel Antonio National Park is considered by Forbes as one of the most beautiful in the world.

It has 683 hectares of land and a forest reserve and is usually visited between December to April by foreign and local tourists.

Here you can perform trekking activities on 3 different trails that can test your physical endurance, plus you will find hundreds of animals during your tours, such as sloths, monkeys, coatis, and a huge number of birds in the area.

Within the Manuel Antonio National Park, you can also enjoy beaches with white sand and crystal-clear waters that are perfect for swimming and cooling off after an exhausting day of hiking.

The beaches Manuel Antonio and Espaldilla sur are separated by a land bridge that leads to Punta Catedral, here you can appreciate the most beautiful sunsets in the area for its tranquility.

Monte Miros

Trekking is one of the most popular activities in the jungles, hills, and mountains of Costa Rica. One of these places with enormous beauty is Mount Miros, which is located south of the city.

Here you can enjoy spectacular views of Jaco and Hermosa beaches, you will have to walk or bike to the place.

The Miro is the structure of an old mansion with pillars and passages, getting here is a bit of a problem if you don’t have a 4×4, but it will only take you 20 minutes to get to the viewpoint and another 25 minutes to the Miró.

Why rent a car in Jaco Beach?

The best option you have (and the recommendation we can give you) is to rent a car to enjoy all these wonders and tourist sites, the biggest advantage is the comfort of the vehicle and also that you can have your own time for activities.

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